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                          Anna  Di Mauro                                                                           Domenico Di Mauro

I have received my first poodle as a present from my parents

in the year 1986.

The first show & breed poodle arrived in 1992.

Studied Veterinary Medicine at УрГСХА (Russia) 1993-1998.


                              Elena Garusova

The first show & breed poodle arrived in 2008.

Elena - the Owner of C.I.B. multi CH Prinz Aureus Ytaner (medium apricot male) and




Every year all our dogs are VET checked. All vaccines are valid up to date. We are happy to see that our dogs are healthy and lively that is why their health is being checked regularly.



We offer Professional Handling. With our experience we can help your dog attain various titles.

With our dogs and handled dogs we have attained multiple Championships, Group Placings and Special Titles.

Championsschips in 42 different countries, 250xBOB, Group Winner, BIS Winner (specialty poodle), Couple BIS Winner (all Breed), Breeder Group BIS Winner (all Breed).

Professional Photographer

Official Planet Poodle photographer / Showpictures










" Caspian Line's Curly Miracle": BOB & Best poodle  - Championat de France 2008 in Lyon.





Caspian Line's Curly Miracle & Caspian Line's Future Can Come: BIS-I Couple ( Internazional Show in Hungary)


Qiulli Aurea Ytaner: " France Champion" Championat de France - 2009 in Parig.


Kennel "Caspian Line's" : BIS-II  Breeder Group ( Internazional Show in Luxembourg)


Qiulli Aurea Ytaner: BOB & "Alpe Adria Winner - 2009" ( Intermazional Show in Slovenia)


Kennel "Caspian Line's" : BIS - I Breeder Group ( International Show Central Eastern European Winner - 2008 ) & BIS - I Breeder Group ( International Show "Zagreb Winner - 2008")


Qiulli Aurea Ytaner: BOB & Belgium Champion ( International Show in Belgium "Eurodogshow - 2009", Kortrijak )


Caspian Line' s Curly Miracle: Best Poodle,  BIG - I & BIS - III ( National Shoa in Italy , Biella )

Caspian Line's Curly Miracle: Best Poodle, BIG - III  (International Show in France, Nantes)


Qiulli Aurea Ytaner: Best Poodle & BIG - I (National Show in Italy, Monza)


Kennel "Caspian Line's": BIS-II Breeder Group ( International Show in Brno, Chech Republik )


Novyj Bibilott Martini: CAC & Denmark Champion ( International Show in Ballerup, Denmark)


Prinz Aureus Ytaner: 3xCAC, CACIB, 2xBOB & Macedonia Champion & Bulgaria Champion & Montenegro Champion ( International Show & 2x National Show in Montenegro)



 Caspian Line's Curly Miracle: Best Poodle, BIG - I  (International Show in Serbia, Vranje)


Qiulli Aurea Ytaner: Best Poodle & BIG-II & Moldovia Champion (National Show in Bulgaria, Sofia)



2xWW Caspian Line's Blue Bajkal: BOB & BOB Veteran & BIS-I Veteran (International Show in Augsburg, Germany)